We're here to provide solutions to your biggest DEI challenges and build a better workplace for everyone! 



We can help take you through the first stages of developing your DEI plan!


We specialize in developing new metrics for tracking equity outcomes that go beyond representation ('headcount') and quantifiably measure equitable behaviors, to track and analyze the development of inclusion-centered workplace practices.

We provide practical, applicable technical advice aimed at integrating gender equality and diversity best practices into the design, implementation, monitoring and on-going performance assessments on both a responsive and proactive basis.




Our specialized approach to strategy development promotes inclusivity, transparency and collaboration!  ​​


Integrating DEI processes can also benefit from capacity building activities, which include workshops and trainings that aim to build leadership, management and cultural based competency skills.

​We specialize in providing gender and diversity capacity building, with a focus on developing empathetic and feminist leadership, reducing conflict and modeling positive conflict mitigation behaviors.   

We bring over a decade of experience in building online and offline training courses, curricula and toolboxes for self-led learning.  



With our data driven D&I strategies, results of any DEI strategy can be easily tracked!

We specialize in conducting thematic research and writing corporate reports, as well as supporting materials that include executive summaries, infographics and more, that will showcase the success of any DEI strategy.  

Our approach includes an intensive analysis that places analytics in context, humanizes data, ensures it is relevant, impactful and compelling. We specialize in gender equality and inclusion content development, with over a dozen publications to date, from Op-Eds to policy reports and even peer-reviewed journals! 


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