We're here to provide solutions to your biggest Diversity, Equity and Inclusion challenges



We can help take you through the first stages of developing your DEI plan! We will design, build and support implementation of your new DEI plan and will stay on hand to measure outcomes.


Our approach includes a DEI audit process where quick wins are identified and a strategy is developed to ensure short term measurable outcomes, in addition to long term strategic goals. 

We are experts in developing climate surveys that will quantifiably measure employee responses across a range of DEI metrics, including belonging, psychological safety and trust, and tie results back to company business goals.




Our specialized approach includes access to and roll-out of training and development programs that build buy-in and DEI skills.


Our bespoke workshops and trainings include:

  • Challenging bias

  • Inclusive & diverse recruiting, sourcing and interviewing 

  • Allyship in the workplace

  • Feminist leadership skills

  • Inclusive management skills

  • Setting up your first DEI Council

  • Building and managing ERG's

We bring over a decade of experience in building online training courses, curricula and toolboxes for facilitated as well as self-led learning.  



With our data driven approach, results of any DEI strategy can be easily tracked! We ensure that all our strategies are grounded in data collection and analytics, including trend analysis. We are expert at building engaging dashboards (in BI, R, Python) that will clearly demonstrate the impact of any DEI strategy.


We sync up with any HR platforms your company uses, to ensure all our programs are replicable, scalable and sustainable. 

We will also create and design all your DEI content - from internal communications to marketing assets - so you can share findings and approaches with your employees, stakeholders and investors.