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Keshet Bachan


I'm passionate about transforming systems and cultures to create positive and lasting equitable outcomes. My purpose is to advocate for the margins and challenge inequities. I'm curious about people and I like to work at the intersection of power, accountability and vulnerability to create new methods, tools, approaches and theories that will promote equitable behaviors, attitudes and norms. I come from the gender sector, where I spent over a decade challenging gender inequalities all over the world and leading organizational change initiatives and global campaigns that both aimed to shift perspectives and nudge people into rethinking how privilege operates and how we build inclusive cultural eco-systems. 

I'm an outstanding presenter, public speaker, facilitator, group trainer, and versed in adult and e-learning methods. I have a strong background in developing people analytics dashboards, employee surveys & designing engaging data presentations. I'm a strong cross-cultural communicator, adept at tailoring messages and approaches to maximize impact, which I've leveraged to lead global campaigns and mainstream organizational equity strategies.

I have an in-depth knowledge of racial dynamics, equity, discrimination, exclusion and the impact of gendered social norms.​

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